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Infusing Wellness & Improving Your Health is our top priority
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Our RN's and Paramedics are highly trained and experienced when it comes to administering IVs. Most of our staff work full time for hospitals and fire departments and do IVs on the side! Whether you need an IV for hydration, immune support, cold/flu, or just getting over a long night of having too much fun out on the town, our team is on call and ready to come serve you with our premium IV therapy blends. As with all of our partners, some of our RNs and medics offer their own unique blends as well as our standard blends. Our standard blends are shown below!


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Our Mission & Vission

At Rosemary's IDRIP Therapy, our mission is to improve the health of the community through the utilization of IV wellness therapy and health boosts. Rose Mary is a highly trained critical care and emergency RN with over a dozen years of experience. She is providing IV wellness and boost therapy to enhance your health, in the comfort of your location.

Some of Our Services

Infusing Wellness & Improving Your Health

Rose Mary
The Myer's Cocktail

The Myer's Cocktail is named for the late John Myers, M.D., a Maryland physician who used intravenous injections of nutrients to treat many health conditions...

Rose Mary
Immunity Booster

Stay healthy and prevent illness. Replenish important immune-enhancing vitamins and minerals. The Immunity Booster contains electrolytes, B-Complex (Vitamins B1/2/3/5/6)...

Rose Mary
Energy and Performance

This blend is perfect for athletes, runners, and fitness enthusiasts. Get a huge boost of energy and fluid to help your body perform at the level you need it to...


Benefits of IV Therapy

100% Absorption

Fast Results
Boosts Energy
Illness Recovery

100% Guarantee

Anti-Aging Benefits
Hangover Relief
Support Weight Loss

Quality Material

Reach Optimal Health
Improved Athletic Performance etc

Why Choose Us

Our Certifications

Basic Life Support
Advance Cardiac Life Support
Pediatric Advance Life Support
ACCN Medical Surgical Nursing
Best Medical Personel

What some Clients have to say about us

Giving our customers the optimal and most advanced care is our top priority and mission. Doing this for many years and this is what some of our customers have to say;

Jeniffer Smith


I am so happy to have come into contact with Rosemarys Idrip Therapy. They are very loyal, fast, affordable and equally very accessible. Thank you so much for the care.

Pamela Duncan


Health is Wealth and this is one thing Rose does not joke about. She is a professional in what she does and the way she takes care of my family and I when we need her is very   assuring.

Steve Tailor


Having a proper and careful health service is very important today. My parents are old and so I put then under Rose’s care and i must testify she is doing a great job.

Feeling Sick? Feeling Hungover? Need Energy?

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